Everyone of us, today we are attached to computers/laptops. When you are using ordinary keyboard of your computer or laptop you sometime find difficulty in typing. Sometimes it happens that you have pressed the key but you have not got the input of that key. Now these type of keyboard contain a rubber membrane below the key.Below it,there is a circuit. When you are pressing a key, a part of the membrane touches the circuit and from this the circuit identifies which key you have pressed. These keyboards are cheaper and you can find them easily in the market. Though you dont get real feedback from these keyboards.

Coming to mechanical keyboards. They are high quality keyboards. They have a spring below the key.When you are pressing the key you get a “clicky” sound. They are high perform performance keyboard where you can get better feedback by using them.In membrane keyboard you have common membrane below the keys but here each key is separate having its own spring.If you want real feedback you can opt for mechanical keyboards.Also for gaming purpose they can be used. 



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  1. I read an article about were technology is heading and it was scary. A man who could not function on a normal level (either a hearing impaired or sight impaired person) had a sensor (maybe it was a mocrophone) implanted in his head. Since we are all so ‘hooked’ on electronics, I would not be surprised it that is the direction it takes.

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