Often many of us are confused what is difference between  4G and LTE. I hope that your doubts will be cleared after reading this post.2G/3G/4G networks describe the speed of internet.These speed limits are set by International Telecommunication Union.For e.g. when have 3G internet you will atleast speed of 10Mb/s.(This is just an example it might not be exact value).

Similiarly some basic speed for 4G internet was set up by International Telecommunication Union.(nearly 100 Mb/s).It was required for 4G network providers that the  internet speed should at the peak of 100Mb/s. Though in real world this speed was not achieved and it was just like a target for network providers to provide this internet speed.

 This speed was not achieved though they got some remarkable improvements(better speed than 3G  but not upto 4G speed limit). So this improvement was termed as LTE ( Long term evolution). So in short we can consider LTE as the path followed by network providers to attain 4G speed.



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